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Stunning Beaches in Singapore

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Where can you relax and enjoy the beautiful sun and crystal clear water? The answer is simple, in Singapore. Here, the turquoise water is waiting for you to swim in it and the sandy beaches to walk on them and go for a relaxing sunbathing session. There are many beautiful places to choose from. Therefore, if you want to make a good decision then take a look at the following most stunning beaches in Singapore.

Palawan Beach

There is no doubt that this is the most beautiful beach in Singapore. Everything looks amazing and the whole view is like another world. This is definitely heaven and we strongly recommend this place to anyone who wants to experience a deep relaxation. There are swaying trees, very fine sand, crystal clear water, and lively beach bars as well where you can enjoy delicious cocktails. Facilities available at Sentosa include cabana style beach bars, souvenir shops, play area, and several restaurants with very delicious dishes. Most of the tourists that have been to this magical place wrote only excellent reviews about how the place looks, including accommodation, facilities, and so on. Therefore, you can confidently choose the Palawan beach as your next holiday destination.

Siloso Beach                    

This place is famous for its beach sports such as banana ride, volley, and beach riding among others. Most of the times, you will see here people partying, dancing, canoeing, and horse riding around the beach. The wonderful shacks and eateries make this location a very appreciated one by tourists all over the world. Facilities at Siloso include beach tram, shops, beachfront hotel, and pavilions. If you want to have a beautiful vacation and totally relax then this beach is the right place for you.

Tanjong Beach

If you are a party person, then here you should be. This place is a vibrant one and perfect for anyone who is looking for amazing sensations and lots of fun. Tanjong beach is located on the south coast of Sentosa, and it has beautiful tropical palm trees, fine and crescent-shaped beachline, very warm and clean water, and glittering and fine sand. There are some facilities available such as loungers where you can relax, rental bikes for anyone who wants to do some exercise, cabanas, beachside swimming pool, and shelters.

Changi Beach                            

We also consider this place a stunning one. Why do we think that? Because there are amazing views and extraordinary facilities such as beach barbecues, camping, cycling trails, park benches where you can relax, paved walking trail, and more. The Changi beach is excellent for families and leisure lovers as well. However, the highlight of the Changi beach is plane spotting. There are many people coming from every corner of the country in order to watch low flying planes. All in all, this is a place where you should go in case you are traveling with your kids, as there are several playgrounds as well. Furthermore, take into account that the beach is kids-friendly and the water not so deep as it is on other beaches.

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