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From London to Asia on a Budget – Tips and Tricks

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If you want to know how to fly to Asia, here we explain how to find affordable routes and gather the basic foundations, by following these tips, so best of luck! With its tempting mix of rainforest and beaches, Asia is one of the most accessible regions for Londoners, who can thus spend a day exploring beaches and go whitewater rafting in the afternoon. Here are some top tips.


Check out our best money saving tips and learn more about travelling through the beautiful countries at the right price, as a backpacker. Here’s our advice for backpacking for the first time. During your holiday around Asia, you are able to keep the cost down if you follow our expert tips for travelling on a budget.


We’ve outlined a few things to ensure you get the best value while sojourning, in terms of accommodation, which will normally cost you between $2-$10/night. From taxi tips to useful advice, cheap digs and beer, if you’re looking to travel on a budget, no matter where you’re headed, everything can be simple. We know you’re pinching every penny, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible trip, by finding ways to watch your wallet in order to maximize the adventure.


  1. Return tickets will limit you

By remaining flexible you can return to London whenever you like, with more options on your next trip.


  1. Stay in a place where the family lives

If the place offers free breakfasts, do the thing where you make a to-go sandwich. You will always find some couch surfing as well. This is perfect as it means it’s as cheap as a hostel bed, just make sure you take a good look around in order to match prices and avoid cockroaches.  While many can turn their noses up, this really isn’t the case, as you can find quiet hostels with friendly staff and a big sharing kitchen.


  1. Bear in mind that each country has myriad microclimates

Southeast Asia sits entirely within the tropics, so the climate varies little throughout the year, but you should take the changes into consideration when you decide when to go.


  1. Try to book on to a night train or bus

A lot of locals choose to travel when tickets are cheaper, as most trains have sleeper beds and decent air-con, although some might be put off by safety concerns.


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